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vRealize Cloud Universal
Combines SaaS and on-premises capabilities for automation, operations, log analytics,
and network visibility

vRealize Cloud Universal


VMware vRealize® Cloud Universal™ is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) management suite designed to accelerate cloud evolution by combining on-premises and SaaS capabilities for automation, operations, log analytics, and network visibility into a single offering. It gives the flexibility to deploy on premises or as SaaS, interchangeably, without the need to repurchase, for a consistent hybrid and multi-cloud management experience. The flexible licensing and delivery models enable organizations to move at their own pace, helping them to become more agile, scalable and efficient.

Flexible Cloud Management for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud


Flexibly deploy your cloud management as SaaS or on-premises with a single license, toggling back and forth and moving workloads between clouds without repurchasing.


Govern your complex environments nimbly and productively while adopting the cloud at your own pace, and get faster and more reliable access to innovation.

Operational Continuity

Ensure operational optimization and continuity across the business, even as cloud migration is underway, with management that spans your environments.

Cost Savings

Free up IT budget that can be reallocated elsewhere with the choice between SaaS and on-premises management with a single license.

vRealize Cloud Universal

Use Cases for vRealize Cloud Universal

Private Cloud

Modernize your on-premises data center with industry-leading cloud management. Keep pace with business demands and changes in strategy with the combination of SaaS and on-premises that vRealize Cloud Universal delivers.

Cloud Conscious

Cope with extended or uncertain timelines while transitioning to the cloud with flexible management and infrastructure from vRealize Cloud Universal. Flexible consumption options allow you to experiment by putting select workloads into the cloud while keeping others on premises.

Hybrid Cloud

Break down silos and achieve consistent management, automation and governance across on-premises and cloud deployed workloads. Enjoy strategic alignment across your mix of cloud and on-premises workloads with vRealize Cloud Universal.


Leverage a global cloud infrastructure built on private and public clouds. vRealize Cloud Universal is extensible to native public clouds and able to unify public cloud services, monitoring and governance as business needs evolve, all while enabling adoption of other SaaS services from VMware.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VMware vRealize Cloud Universal?

VMware vRealize Cloud Universal is a SaaS management suite, designed to accelerate cloud evolution by combining on-premises and SaaS capabilities for automation, operations and log analytics into one license.

What type of hardware infrastructure can vRealize Cloud Universal run on?

vRealize Cloud Universal is shipped as a vApp™ and will run on any hardware infrastructure that the VMware hypervisor platform (vSphere) can run on.

How is vRealize Cloud Universal different from vCloud Suite Subscription?

vCloud Suite Subscription is a discounted bundle that consists of vRealize Cloud Universal and term license of vSphere Enterprise Plus for vCloud Suite Subscription. It is intended for customers interested in purchasing a cloud management platform solution and expanding their vSphere capacity.

Can I upgrade existing vRealize Suite licenses to vRealize Cloud Universal?

Yes. Standalone vRealize and vRealize Suite customers can upgrade to vRealize Cloud Universal or vCloud Suite Subscription

How often can I interchange between on-premises and SaaS licenses?

There is no concept of interchanging licenses between on premises and SaaS. vRealize Cloud Universal is consumption-driven, and your consumption is metered and aggregated so that you can use as much or as little of any on-premises and SaaS components as you wish.

What is the difference between vRealize Cloud Universal and VMware Cloud Universal?

VMware Cloud Universal is a flexible subscription combining management and infrastructure for multi-cloud. It includes vRealize Cloud Universal, the SaaS management suite.

Products Included in vRealize Cloud Universal

  • VMware vRealize Automation™ and vRealize Automation Cloud™ – Enables self-service catalog, governance, provisioning, orchestration and DevOps-based service delivery from a modern infrastructure automation platform
  • VMware vRealize Operations™ and vRealize Operations Cloud™ – Delivers continuous performance optimization, efficient capacity management, proactive planning, intelligent remediation, and integrated compliance powered by AI and predictive analytics
  • VMware vRealize Log Insight™ and vRealize Log Insight Cloud™ – Delivers centralized log management, deep operational visibility, and intelligent analytics
  • VMware vRealize Network Insight Cloud™ – Enables acceleration and optimization of application security and networking across private, public and hybrid clouds
  • VMware Skyline™ – Provides proactive intelligence that helps organizations avoid problems before they occur, and reduces the time spent on resolving active support requests

vRealize Cloud Universal

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